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New Damage Records


Heavy Hearts

Heavy Hearts

Niagara on the Lake, Ontario four-piece rock group Heavy Hearts are ready to make an impression, and they're capable of it too. Since the group released their debut EP back in 2013, Heavy Hearts have been churning out new and exciting sounds. Having pulled from the golden days of 2000's emo punk alongside influences from '90s alternative rock, Heavy Hearts are ready to take their well-executed familiar sound and bring it into new territory with effects-laden guitars, hooky vocals, and a fuller sound than ever heard in their previous material. Their self titled EP, released March 4th on New Damage Records, will serve as the canvas on which Heavy Hearts will show off their newly refined sound. That sound has been further explored on June 2016's Bliss, which was loved by taste makers Noisey.

"With 12 songs loaded in this project, the lengthy release is chock-full of a hearty blend of emo, heavy tones and thoughtful melodies. Tracks like “Hazel” that perfectly demonstrates the band’s dense sound with light wailing leads. Meanwhile, “Rust” showcases a lighter side of the band, which then immediately explodes into a dramatic, tone-heavy post-hardcore riff with frenzying guitar scratching and an emotional mixture of screams and singing. Bliss as an album gives more than enough leeway for Heavy Hearts to show the world their ability to convey tragedy through their sound."



Nov 30
Burlington, ON
Boston Manor
Burly Calling Festival
Dec 08
Kingston, ON
Bar 53
w/ Goldfinch, King of Scorn
Dec 09
Ottawa, ON
Ask a Punk
w/ Goldfinch, King of Scorn
Dec 10
Montreal, QC
Piranha Bar
w/ Goldfinch, King of Scorn
Dec 11
Quebec City, QC
w/ Goldfinch, King of Scorn
Dec 12
Oshawa, ON
Moustache Club
w/ Goldfinch, King of Scorn
Dec 13
Windsor, ON
Beer Exchange
w/ Goldfinch, King of Scorn
Dec 14
Waterloo, ON
w/ Goldfinch, King of Scorn
Dec 15
Toronto, ON
Sneaky Dee’s
w/ Goldfinch, King of Scorn
Dec 16
Hamilton, ON
Doors Pub
w/ Goldfinch, King of Scorn
Dec 17
St Catharines, ON
w/ Goldfinch, King of Scorn
Jan 15
Manchester, UK
The Castle
w/ Lightcliffe
Jan 16
Birmingham, UK
w/ Lightcliffe
Jan 17
Leeds, UK
Brudnell Social Club
w/ Lightcliffe
Jan 19
Brighton, UK
Green Door Store
w/ Lightcliffe
Jan 20
London, UK
Shackwell Arms
w/ Lightcliffe
Jan 24
Ghent, BE
Huis 58
w/ Lightcliffe
Jan 25
Gouda, NL
w/ Lightcliffe
Jan 27
Langen, DE
w/ Lightcliffe
Jan 28
Prague, CZ
Cade Na Pul Cesty
w/ Lightcliffe